Water Sanitation and Hygiene Program

Water crisis is a big factor in communities around our region, Youths cover long distances every day just to get water, some dont have access to clean water. You will also discover hundreds of schools in remote areas without access to clean water, Good drinking containers. Difficulties youths face in communities motivated us to come up with our WASH program which is divided by the following:

  1. School Wash Campaign : As a team we move in to communities to sensitize youths on how to Wash their Hands, Keep their drinking containers clean, During this training we donate drinking containers to remote community schools. For the past months we have donated several drinking containers to remote schools around our communities.
  2. Health Centers Campaign: From our research, We also discover health centers in communities without access to clean drinking water, In other to address the needs of health centers , We came up with a campaign program aim at mobilizing Water Filters for communities, For more information on how you can become part of our Campaign program, Reach us at water@orwdap.org , together we would safe hundreds of Life’s in communities.


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