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We have a great accommodation equipped with wireless internet service for volunteers during their stay, It is a friendly working environment, All placement takes place in a Country known as Cameroon in a Town known as Buea, Buea is known for its Great Climate loved by international visitors, Volunteers are free to take part in what they are comfortable with, Volunteers are also free to implement their own activities, We make sure our volunteers gets the best experience during their stay.

Community Development: Under our community program we carry out Health Campaigns, Workshops, Career orientation and provide in kind donations in remote communities around our region.  Volunteers are free to chose what they feel they can handle, They are also free to implement or develop new ideas. We have a comfortable Volunteers hours equipped with high speed wireless internet service, Friendly working environment. Feel free to Join us, Together we will learn from each other, Help and transform lives in communities.

Talent Hub: This program is design to identify talented unemployed youths in communities and provide a platform where they can work together, express their skills and rise to their full potentials. We also have open days where we showcase products developed by youths to the public. The program also act as exposure ground for talented youths in communities. Volunteers can Join the hub to educate youths, Empower them with new skills. For more information on how you can become part of our program, send us a fast mail at info@orwdap.org

Vocational Training : We run and own a Computer training center base in Buea, Cameroon, Hundreds of youths have benefited from our training center. The training center is design to empower youths with self-employed skills. At the center we build youths with the mindset of creating Jobs using skills acquired from the training program. Volunteers can take part in training youths and empowering our staffs, Volunteers are free to introduce their own ideas. We look forward working with anyone. for more information, reach us at info@orwdap.org or call the following numbers : 00237679908105 / 00237650175442

Community Vision Library : Under this program, We move in to remote communities to identify schools without library, After identifying, As a team we donate books and create mini libraries. Our mission for this program is to create easy access to quality educational resources for youths and Children in remote communities.

With us, Volunteers are free to develop their own programs, We are always available to help our Volunteers accomplish their task, their happiness and comfort is our number one priority, feel free to become part of our programs, send us your inquiries at info@orwdap.org

Volunteer Tour: We tour with volunteers around Cameroon for them to discover new cultures and learn new things , Volunteers visit touristic sits , If you are searching for amazing Volunteer abroad experience, feel free to Contact us, Feel free to become part of our flexible Volunteer Program which gives you the opportunity to rise to their full Potentials .

Distance Volunteer: We also accept distance volunteers: Distance Volunteers can help us with our online activities such as Website update, Blog update and designing, They can also help us with our Social Media Pages and Groups, for more information on how you can become part of our programs or help us in anyway- reach us at volunteer@orwdap.org



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