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The young girls in Buea and Cameroon in general have got economic and social problems. The economic problem is lack of employment opportunities. Even though youth population is dominant in the town, there are no enough jobs to absorb them and there is very high unemployment.. As a team made up of dedicated Cameroonians, We have realized that many children and youths in Cameroon are victims of our educational system which is highly examination centered. Children are only taught how to read and pass exams. No link between the education system and the labor market . Youth unemployment is very high in my community.  Difficulties face by youths motivated us to setup a Vocational training center with mission of empowering youths in communities with self employed skills to enable them channel their energies towards productive initiatives. Our training center is located in the South west Region of our country in a town known as Buea. Training programs include : Microsoft  Word, Microsoft Publisher , Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Internet , Sewing. Training programs runs from Mondays to Fridays every week. Interested Volunteers are free to Join our Vocational Training Program. The environment is safe, We also have comfortable Volunteers House equipped with wireless internet service. For more information regarding our Volunteering programs , you can reach us via volunteering@orwdap.org


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