(Helping youths rise to their full potentials)

In our community unemployment is a big problem, The number of youths looking for jobs are more than the number of Jobs available, The number increases every year. In communities around our region you will discover young girls working the streets without Jobs, Due to lack of jobs, Most of this youths struggle to migrate out of the Country in search of green pastures, As youths born and raise in our communities, Understanding the difficulties youths Face made us to develop a low cost professional training center design to empower youths with self employed skills, The training center also act as a hub which gives opportunities to young talented youths around our communities to express their talents and rise to their full potentials. For the past years we have trained and empower hundreds of youths around our communities. Under our training center we have the following programs: Microsoft office package which include : Microsoft Word , Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel , Microsoft Access. (2) Web designing: under this section we teach youths on how to develop and manage website for companies and organizations.  Our Training Center runs from Mondays to Fridays. Volunteers can take placement to train youths, empower local administrators on new skills, Fore more information on how you can become part of our Vocational training programs, email us at volunteer@orwdap.org.


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