Women living in rural communities in Cameroon are important socio-economic drivers; their contribution is critical for the long term stability of their families and community. Despite the strength and respect they obtain, these women  continue to be deprived of some basic human rights as a result of environmental , economic and cultural pressures.

ORWDAP was initiated by a group of women in 1990 who seeked to put an end to these barriers. Originally acting as sustainable micro-credit scheme to ensure women in rural communites in the South west region could develop their own businsess so that they could become financially self-sufficient.  It has since developed, to include other activities all with the sole focus to see that these women are treated equally by providing both development opportunities they were, or are, denied of and ensuring these are affectively facilitated.

Our Team

PROJECT ADVISER: Ntube Diongwe Elizabeth Njume graduated from the University of Buea and she is a teacher who is also taking interest in the activities of ORWDAP because of her passion in the progress of children and the development of women. Elizabeth is passionate in Promoting Environmental Education with children who do not have the means for education.

Njume Galia Nkonge graduated from the University of Buea with a degree in Political Science and Public Administration. She spent 5 years working at the Universal Business and Communication Centre (UBCC) and 3 years working for the NGO United Action for Children (UAC) before she came to work for ORWDAP where she has successfully executed projects in rural communities.

Mbua Daniel Studied at the Professional School: Land Mark College & University in Buea. He spent 13 years as an IT manager before he was approached by one of ORWDAP’s  Board Members to join the team. Being passionate about community development and women’s rights, Dan was very eager to contribute his skills and experience to ORWDAP’s objectives.