Women living in rural communities continue to underestimate the importance of seeking medical attention. This is an ongoing problem as communities continue to impose traditional methods of care, or in some cases none. Women have either conditioned into being fully self-sufficient or the lack of education regarding their health has prevented them from making well informed decisions about their health and knowing when to seek care.

Since women have to be healthy in order to effectively carry out their activities, ORWDAP attaches a lot of importance on its primary health care promotion projects. This includes a series of workshops to sensitize and educate women on sexual health, menstrual health, sanitation, pregnancy & new-born care, nutrition & health. To this effect, the Healthy Mother Healthy Community Project was conceived and put into place.

 Living in rural areas poses particular challenges for people with disabilities in accessing education, training, and employment opportunities. ORWDAP helps break down the barriers that rural disabled people face to improve their livelihoods, those of their families, and take an active role in rural economic development.

In Sept 2018, ORWDAP launched Girls Enterprise, a start-up that aims to make healthcare more accessible through a variety of platforms.

We are also developing a maternal project which aims to make healthcare more accessible for pregnant women, new mothers and their infants. Find out how YOU can support this project by clicking HERE