Support for female entrepreneurs in the community promises to yield important benefits in terms of women’s empowerment, household welfare and economic development.  However, the challenges remain problematic for women to successfully launch and sustain entrepreneurial activities. Access to capital is a major obstacle, but so are undeveloped professional networks, insufficient business skills, legal discrimination, and the disproportionate burdens of child and senior care.

Girls Enterprise Sewing Cooperative is an opportunity for women to take control of their career development. Through our innovative workshops that teach women the fundamental skills to both design and create clothes and the provision of materials and equipment to develop a clothing line, our aim is to release a new generation of empowered entrepreneurs back into the community.

Women pay a small fee for the workshops and another separate fee for the personal use of space and resources; this generates enough income to run the cooperative. ORWDAP has also developed an online platform that offers women the chance to expand sales reach; we ask for a 15% commission of all sales which is re-invested back into the programme.