We are looking for volunteers who are committed to women’s rights and community development. Whatever skills or experience you have to offer, we have a range of opportunities available, including:

  • Vocational training: Opportunities for people with good knowledge/experience in business development, leadership and IT to share their talent with women in the community.
  • Healthcare Development: Opportunities for medical/nursing/public health students/professional to help run our health workshop and develop our health guides for women across Central & West Africa
  • Children’s development: Opportunities for people who are passionate about child development and education; developing lessons and creative workshops for children who aren’t able to go to school.

Volunteer placements run from Tuesdays to Fridays. We have a good a volunteer house  equipped with Wi-Fi available for FREE. Volunteers only need to cover food costs during their placements.

Alternatively, if you are a student seeking accommodation close to the University of Buea , we also offer free student housing (Including Wi-Fi) providing you volunteer 30 hours a month (1 hour a day).


Over the last 20 years ORWDAP has hosted more than 100 international volunteers who have contributed to the development of a multitude of programmes that focus on both community development and empowering women. ORWDAP believes that both objectives run hand in hand for social and economic development in Cameroon’s South West Region. Previous projects run by volunteers include:

  • Feasibility studies and market surveys were also carried out by a French volunteer to some groups of Ndekwai, Sumbe and Charity Sisters of Mamfe to see what problems they encountered and suggestions for possible solutions
  • Research was carried out on environmental education such as the composition of natural mosquito repellent and insecticide, useful plants (cypress tree, marigolds), essential oil (lemon grass, vanilla), foods (bananas, vitamins) and some others by a British volunteer.

  • In 2017, there was a sensitization exercise carried out by a French volunteer with assistance of some staff on the following issues: stigmatization, statistics, care of infected person, prevention

Placements are 3 months min and cost $250 to cover both food and accommodation for the entire duration.


For more information please contact us via volunteer@orwdap.org