Education & Training

One feature that identifies women’s poverty is the lack of access to schooling. 34% of girls in Cameroon are out of school because of early pregnancy (23%), early marriage (11%) or having to take on the role of a mother. ORWDAP wants to give these women, and many more, the opportunity to step back into the community with the knowledge and skills to make them more employable by running a variety of training workshops

  • Basic literature & maths
  • Computer literacy
  • Entrepreneurial & leadership skills
  • Agriculture
  • Other income generating activities

ORWDAP has welcomed a multitude of volunteers who have all helped the team develop innovative methods of creating opportunities for rural women.

  • Literature & maths classes help women develop their literacy skills; a lot of women didn’t make it to the end of secondary school, so theses classes are a recap of what they missed and how they can use the skills acquired to seek employment.
  • Computer literacy; from Microsoft office to coding, we offer classes to women who are interested in kick starting their career in administration or informatics.
  • Entrepreneurial & leadership skills; ORWDAP is teaming up with some new and exciting start-ups that focus on women’s development in the business world. They will be carrying out workshops on microfinance, business development and accounting, all with the aim of creating business opportunities for women (details to follow.)
  • Agriculture; ORWDAP considers agriculture as a vital tool for the sustainability of the rural women. Training and sensitization visits were made to members’ farms, and demonstration lessons on the building of compost were shown to them.
  • Several other workshops have been developed by our volunteers, including the production of income generating goods such as soaps, mosquito repellent, sewing.