Community Development


ORWDAP is opening up a sewing workshop for women in the community to channel their energy and creativity towards an income generating activity. Girls Enterprise Sewing Cooperative acts as both a training centre where women can learn to design and sew, as well as a workshop where they can use the resources and space to produce their independent products for their individual retail micro-businesses. Our services also offer business workshops, financial and marketing advice for new entrepreneurs. 

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When it comes to WASH in schools, clean drinking water, and a safe place to use the bathroom are just as important as teachers, classrooms and books. When these crucial tools aren’t readily available, students spend less time learning because of sickness or time spent collecting water.

ORWDAP provides hygiene and sanitation services to rural communities around Buea; travelling to schools, distributing buckets and useful materials for the youths and children to learn about the importance of good hygiene, sanitation and clean water.


Agriculture is a vital tool for the sustainability of rural women in the South West Region of Cameroon, helping shape the rural economy in their communities. However, many of these women face difficulties in terms of access to resources, such as labours, fertilizers, livestock, farm equipment and land. ORWDAP work with groups of women in the surrounding rural communities of Buea, helping them to develop their Agri-business through workshops and farm visits where we run demonstrations on insecticide usage, irrigation methods, germination, compost production – all with the sole purpose for them to better manage their cultivation and produce.